Ferran Torres claims to be ‘ready’ to play for Manchester City

Ferran Torres gave an interview to the BBC in which he already spoke as a new ‘citizen’ player although Valencia and Manchester City have not yet made the operation official. “As a player, I consider myself ambitious, someone who wants to win, win, win, and … as time goes by and you feel that you are better prepared, then you want to take on greater challenges, experience a change of environment. Yes, I think I’m ready to do it, “he said.

For the winger, Valencia “is the team from my homeland and the team that has given me everything”, but “I always think that I am the best, and that I want to be the best and work to try to be the best. If you don’t think you are the best, then no one will. “

In England he is already compared to the future Cristiano Ronaldo and takes the challenge. In fact he confessed his devotion to Portuguese. “Not only because of the way he plays his football but also because of the way he moves away from football. He is worthy of admiration and I would like to follow in his footsteps, ”he said.