Fernando Vázquez: ‘We feel very disadvantaged, this is adulteration’

Fernando Vázquez was very critical of the decision to play the entire unified day except for the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada after seven players from the Madrid team tested positive for Covid-19 hours before the game.

“The normal thing would be to suspend the whole day, what does it matter to wait two or three more days,” protested the coach of the Galician team. “We were at the referee’s disposal and Fuenlabrada did not appear. We are totally against this situation, ”he said on the Vamos microphones.

“He Lugo and the Albacete They play with advantage because they do not play with the pressure of our marker. That’s what unified days are for. If we were winning in minute 5 that would not affect the game of Albacete? If Fuenlabrada is mathematically in the playoff, would the match against us be the same? This is adulteration, ”insisted Vázquez, who wanted to focus on Elche, Fuenlabrada’s previous rival.

“I don’t understand why he’s playing the Elche, the test results can take three or four days and two or three days ago they were playing against the Fuenlabrada“He pointed out. “I cannot understand the communication of the League, the Federation and the CSD because it says that it is to protect the players and it is false because Elche is playing,” Vázquez insisted.

“I do not understand either that I say that it is for the general good of the competition. What general good, the violation of a competition like in this case is occurring? Deportivo doesn’t matter. If Lugo and Albacete win, we are descended without having played ”.