Fernando Roig’s message to Atlético for the Super League

After knowing that Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid They are, at the moment, the only three Spaniards who appear as founders of the new European Super League, the reactions of the football world in our country have not been long in coming. They have even spoken since government, calling for dialogue with the UEFA and the FIFA to try to fix the situation and to be against the creation of this tournament.

The League and the rest of the clubs of the same have also positioned themselves against it, with statements and statements of a different tone but that go along the same lines.

One of those who has spoken is Fernando Roig, president of the Villarreal, which went through the microphones of The Great Match of La Cope, where in addition to making his position clear, making it clear that sporting merits should prevail, he threw a dart at the Atletico Madrid, something that is already becoming common.

“No one is expelled from LaLiga, they leave,” the manager began, adding that “I have not spoken with anyone from these three clubs. We should have talked, they don’t even consider us. Atlético de Madrid at other times asked for favors from Villarreal and they did call us on the phone to do things, but now, nobody has called me ”.

“They ignore Villarreal at this time, at another time they have asked for help. It is not that relationships are touched, they are ignored by them. It is a surprise that it has not been said in LaLiga, that we make up 42 teams ”, he concluded.