Fernando Roig: ‘I’m a bitch’

Roig, president of the Villarreal, he explained yesterday in El match (Cope) that he saw the penalty shoot-out that made the yellow team champion “together with my wife, hand in hand”, because UEFA prevented him at the last minute from seeing the final live in Gdansk despite the fact that had overcome the Covid.

“It was an incredible run but in the end we won and we are champions. Great, very good. The goal is to be at the top of the league and in Europe. Getting this title gives us the right to play the Champions League next season. It is the culmination of the season “, said Roig

Asked about his nerves, he replied: “I have a hard time, yes, everywhere but at home you are more wrapped up.” “I want to thank all the people who have passed through Villarreal, it is a triumph for all the fans and much of Spain that has enjoyed this triumph. I’m a bitch ”.