Fernando Cáceres is already at home

Fernando Cáceres is already home after last day of Kings had to be admitted to hospital and induced into a pharmacological coma due to seizures that caused the medication he usually takes.

But ‘El Negro’, 51, has won a fight again, as his wife confirmed on Twitter, Cynthia mussa. “Thank God at home,” he wrote, accompanying the text with a photograph of both.

The former player of Real Zaragoza, Valencia and Celta, among many other teams, was interned at the Güemes de Haedo Institute, in western Buenos Aires, and those who know him best say that once he came out of the coma, he did not lose his usual great humor and his desire to continue fighting.

It should be remembered that on November 1, 2009, the Argentine was shot by some boys who wanted to steal his car. A bullet was lodged in his head, fracturing the base of his skull, he lost his right eye and for a long time he was always in a wheelchair. His tenacity, the same that characterized him as a footballer, made him walk again with the help of a cane.

Cáceres He is the president and founder of a football club named after him that has helped disadvantaged youth.