Fernando Alonso: ‘Baku is a challenging weekend for everyone’

Fernando Alonso (Alpine) stated that “after two races in a row, where it was quite difficult to overtake, it is good to have a race where it is more feasible,” referring to the Azerbaijan GP next weekend.

“I qualified outside of the top ten in my last two races here, but I finished inside. It shows that anything can happen in what is usually a very unpredictable weekend,” Alonso said in statements submitted by his team.

The baku circuit “It has a combination of areas where top speed is the priority, with the midsection more reliant on downforce and mechanical grip. It’s a challenging weekend for everyone,” he explained.

The French Esteban Ocon, teammate of the two-time Spanish champion at Alpine, was of the same opinion.

“I like racing in Baku. It is a very unusual circuit where, as we have seen in the past, anything can happen. It is an interesting track with the long straights, followed by some very challenging and closely spaced corners in sector two.” , he pointed.

“It’s a circuit where you can see three or more cars go wheel-to-wheel down the straights, which, on a street track, is unbelievable. That’s what makes the race in Baku so exciting, as there are opportunities to win positions in the race, “concluded Esteban Ocon.