Feliciano López’s tweet in Catalan about Barcelona, ​​after the demonstrations by Pablo Hasél

The riots throughout Spain after the arrest and imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasél are being one of the most outstanding news in recent days.

Barcelona is the city where the most mobilizations are taking place, unfortunately with some violent incidents when night falls.

Images of young people smashing street furniture and looting shops in the city center are spreading like wildfire in the news of all the chains, causing the indignation of a good part of the citizenship.

One of those who has publicly regretted what is happening in Barcelona is Feliciano López. The tennis player from Toledo lived for many years in Catalonia at the beginning of his professional career and has a perfect command of Catalan, as he made clear this Sunday on twitter with the following message.

What a shame Barcelona what you have become … despite everything you are still so beautiful …“He wrote, a few words that some tweeter reproached him for using Catalan, to which the veteran tennis player responded immediately.

I spent 13 years of my life in Barcelona and for me it is my home. I naturally learned Catalan and got to know its culture and idiosyncrasies in depth. I don’t know why you are surprised that I write in Catalan”He settled.

The tennis player also had an emotional memory towards Pau Donés

One hour later, Feli also commented on twitter about the broadcast of ‘That you give me’, Jordi Évole’s interview with Pau Donés a few days before his death.