‘Feli López tells me that the idea is not to do the Mutua Madrid Open’

Antonio Zapatero He is a tennis player, manager of the Madrid Tennis Federation. It is a passion, although professionally, this surgeon is dedicated to his responsibility as Deputy Minister of Public Health and Plan Covid-19 of the Community of Madrid.

He was the one who signed the letter advising that the Mutua Madrid Open, as the organization specifically pointed out in the official statement issued this Saturday, hinting that the dispute of the event, postponed from March to September, was in serious danger.

Zapatero, however, has nuanced the origin and function of the letter, hinting that the Mutua Madrid Open is already sentenced and will not be played in 2020 (September 12 to 20) because the situation of the pandemic has changed in Madrid, not in favor precisely because there are new outbreaks.

Speaking to the program ‘Game time’, from Cadena Cope, Zapatero explains that “Feli López He tells me that he has spoken to CSD and they make him see that the intention may not be the ideal one to do a championship, that there could be problems if someone were infected. They asked me to stay with them. We meet this Wednesday. And really what they communicate to me is that the idea they have is not to do the tournament ”.

Feliciano López is the sports director of Mutua, who had already been in contact with Zapatero along with Gerard Tsobanian, the tournament owner’s right hand, Ion Tiriac.

They already came with the decision made, which they thought was probably not going to do the tournament

“What they are asking me, mainly for the purpose of maintaining the prestige of the tournament, is to point out in a letter that the Community of Madrid is not the ideal one to do the event. That letter could serve as reinforcement to make the decision for ATP and WTA. The situation in Madrid is now what it is. They already came with the decision made, they had thought that they probably were not going to do the tournament, “says Zapatero.

He reveals that “we are already talking about May, next year, from the perspective of a normal life, with everyone already vaccinated.”

Madrid overlapped a weekend with the US Open, giving entrance to a marathon tour of land that continued in Rome and Roland Garros.