Farrés: ‘They give us gasoline with water!’

He Monday we had mechanical problems with 90 kilometers to go and I was afraid that yesterday they were going to repeat. That’s how it went. At kilometer 19 we suffered a setback with the turbo that left us the car without power. We are having problems because the gasoline that they put us when refueling carries water (which is placed at the bottom of the tank) and some cars fail for this reason. Mine failed on Monday and yesterday. All after they told us on Monday night that we had to empty the tanks, 140 liters of gasoline, and refill them with a new one. But the problem is that yesterday there were still places (refueling) where they gave this gasoline with part of water.

This made one of the best motorcycle riders (Shorts) had to be withdrawn. Some engines are affected and others are not, but the fact is that this problem is hurting the career of some, like ours.

The truck assists Farrés on stage 3 of the Dakar 2021

Yesterday we had to wait for the truck for 36 minutes. It was key not to throw in the towel because the easiest thing was not to face it well. We wait, we fix the car, we continue, we focus on the race and in the end we stay within 36 ‘of the leader. Our pace was good. 36 minutes in a Dakar, if we keep doing things as we know, they are nothing.

The mechanics of these vehicles are suffering a lot, so it is time to get optimism. I have a motto which is’ victory is to overcome‘, and the Dakar is that, it is to improve yourself day by day, with optimism, like life itself. Today is a new day. We continue in the race and with the same energy as always.

Ferrés and Monleón, on stage 3 of the Dakar 2021
Ferrés and Monleón, on stage 3 of the Dakar 2021