Farrés is already third and Cristina Gutiérrez saves a difficult day with note

Gerard Farrés remains in the leading positions of the light vehicle category of the Dakar Rally with its prototype derived from series Monster Energy Can-Am after finishing second in stage 2 of the Dakar 2021 in Side by Side, just 1’40 ”behind the winner of the stage, the Saudi Salef Alsaif. The Manresa pilot, together with his navigator Armand MonleonThey went from less to more in a complicated navigation stage and with an area of ​​4 kilometers of very soft dunes that they successfully overcome.

The Catalan crew started the day in 12th position and at the third checkpoint they lost 9’40 ”compared to Alsaif. However, from then on, Gerard He increased his pace, climbing positions at each checkpoint very constantly, something that led him to forge a great comeback, staying very close to what would have been the icing on the cake, the stage win.

In this way, the crew of the two former motorcycle riders could move up places in the general classification, climbing to third position only 1’10 ”behind the new leader of the category,‘ Cheleco ’López. Same classification for the Catalan in the T4 category (light series vehicles), against the same rivals.

Farrés and Monleón for the victory in Side by Side in the Dakar’21

Cristina loses the leadership but remains at the top

The Chilean López, from Can-Am, thus relieved at the top of the classification to a stellar Cristina Gutierrez, which surprised in the first stage making history, becoming the second woman to win a stage in an absolute class of the Dakar after her teacher Jutta Kleinschmidt.

The Spanish was the best in a stage 1 in which everyone suffered from the enormous amount of stones that were found in a very complex stage, but this Tuesday she had another very complicated task, one more exam in her express learning in Side by Side, the responsibility to open track. Open track in Dakar is synonymous with wasting time. A Cristina knew that she did not get nervous and that she saved the ballot with a very good grade.

The Burgos pilot of the Red Bull Junior Team He lost 17 minutes at the third checkpoint, at kilometer 138 after a delicate start to a stage. but from then on, ‘Tortu’ made very positive progress, only losing some steam at the last checkpoint. He was facing the last stage with 16 points lost, but with a good final rhythm he was able to minimize his loss until 12’56 ”compared to the stage winner, with eleventh place of the day. This allowed him to remain in a very good place in the general classification, with options for everything. Cristina he now occupies fourth place in the standings, 2’47 ”behind the leader.

For its part, in the specific classification of T3, of light prototype vehicles, Cristina leads with 17 ’33’ ’over her Red Bull Junior Team mate, Seth Quintero, and 42’15 ” margin compared to a world Rallycross champion like Mattias Ekstrom.

“I have tried to be patient. There is a lot of rally left and this is very long. It was a very, very long stage, with quite soft dune areas and I think the good thing is to be back at the bivouac for another day. The Dakar is very long and I just need to continue. At the beginning we had a failure in which we lost about 4 minutes but we were able to recover it in the end. More pressure? I have not felt it. I felt good yesterday and today was another day, ”said the Red Bull official team rider upon arriving at the bivouac.

Jose Antonio Hinojo he was 5th at 4’53 “and is 7th overall at 7’06” from the lead, while Santi Navarro he is 11th at 31’46 ”after finishing 14th this Monday at 24’09” from the winner.