Fani Carbajo reveals that she will have surgery on her breasts again: ‘I’m going to do something crazy

The television Fani carbao He has taken to his Instagram profile to share with his more than 472,000 his decision to go back through the operating room to change the breast prostheses he has had for years.

“You are telling me not to have surgery, that I am going to commit something crazy and that I already have a very nice chest, but they have to change my prostheses,” the young woman transmitted through some stories. “Since they are going to change my breast prostheses, I’m going to increase my size a little, just a little,” he confessed.

Fani He insisted that “I’m going to wear a size larger because I think I have a small chest.” “I also have more chest in one than in the other and the difference is very noticeable. I want to improve it, ”he added.

After going through a severe crisis at the gates of his wedding, which was finally canceled, Fani and Christofer they chose to give themselves a new chance. That is why on February 13, the ‘influencer’ did not hesitate to dedicate an affectionate message to him through social networks.

“And have more years. I love you. “I love you honey and for many birthdays together,” was her boyfriend’s reply.