F1 thinks about limiting the salary of the pilots

There are many actions that Formula 1 has carried out to reduce the expenses of the teams. Starting this year, the budget ceiling was installed to make budgets much more equal between large and small teams, and for this course the possibility of developing the 2021 car was greatly limited compared to the 2020 base to reduce costs in full economic crisis. Or for example, the massive month of February was approved the freeze of the engines from 2021 to 2025, in order to allow Red Bull to stay in F1 with the current Honda engine structure after the exit at the end of this campaign of the Japanese signature of the ‘Great Circus’. These are just some of the examples of actions taken to reduce expenses, but there is still more work to be done to even things out between the wealthiest and the least. The budget ceiling does not include, among other things, the salaries of the 3 engineers who earn the most from each team and that of the pilots, something that can give a clear advantage to large teams, the only ones that can afford to spend a million in salaries for these positions. For this reason, now F1 puts its focus on the salary of the pilots.

According to the international press, F1 is considering setting a salary limit of $ 30 million per team for all of its two drivers. However, the idea is still in its infancy and could vary.

The relevance of this measure is enormous, since there are currently pilots like Lewis hamilton They charge around $ 40 million a year.

Hamilton and Verstappen would be two of the great losers of this salary limit

What will the great teams do?

In this way, teams should begin to formulate their strategies to have the best possible training for the future. Many formations, those with less assets, will not be affected by this limit because they do not reach it at present.

But it will affect the formation of large groups such as Mercedes, with Lewis in front, or Red bull, with Verstappen, which would also be close to $ 40 million today. Thus, the great teams, to retain their great stars, could opt for a lower reduction, placing the salaries of their cracks near 30. But if this were the case, they should choose to have a pilot of much lower quality at their side , which charged very little, not to exceed those 30 million.

Instead, they could choose to substantially reduce the salary of their leaders and have a more balanced training in terms of salaries that would allow them to obtain a higher quality of piloting as a whole.

The ‘bonuses’, big stars of this game

But as they say, “the law made, the trap made.” In this salary limit of the pilots celebrities could be left out
‘Bonus’ and image rights. With them, the great teams could try to recruit their stars with equally millionaire contracts that depend on factors such as results or other elements.