F1 Test 2021: Driver lineups for the three test days

From this Friday, March 12 to next Sunday, March 14, the engines of Formula 1 will roar again after many months without doing it on the track, in the F1 2021 preseason test. Unlike in recent years, in which these tests used to be 8 days, or last year only 6, this time the official tests prior to the start of the season will only be 3 days, with a day and a half to each rider in order to arrive as prepared as possible for the first appointment on March 28 (also in Bahrain).

The teams will therefore have very little time to collect data on the track, something for which it is absolutely essential that all of them ‘can complete the maximum possible of their planned work program, since a reliability setback could leave without much data to an entire team and with a lot of need to shoot any pilot.

For this reason, it is also important for each team to choose the first rider to get on the car, so that you can start giving your feedback to the engineers and team members in relation to the real sensations of the car’s performance on the track and starting to analyze the possible modifications that the team could make to improve cornering, braking and other multiple issues.

In that sense, just one day before the start of the tests, 9 of the 10 teams on the grid Formula 1 have announced how they will distribute these 3 days among their pilots, with the exception of Mercedes. And among them, the choice of Ferrari, Haas, Aston Martin AlphaTauri or from McLaren, who will split their three days of testing between the two pilots of their respective teams so that each of them will shoot at least one session a day

For their part, other sets such as Red bull will bet on giving a whole day to each of their pilots and that both share the seat of the RB16B on the last day. For its part, Williams will deliver the first day of testing to your tester Roy nissany, something little understandable at a sporting level, since it has a key day to shoot its official drivers, Latifi Y Russell.



Mercedes: Unannounced

Red Bull: Max Verstappen / ‘Checo’ Pérez / Pérez-Verstappen

McLaren: Daniel Ricciardo- Lando Norris / Norris-Ricciardo / Ricciardo-Norris

Aston Martin: Sebastian Vettel-Lance Stroll / Vettel-Stroll / Stroll-Vettel

Alpine: Esteban Ocon / Fernando Alonso / Ocon-Alonso

Ferrari: Charles Leclerc-Carlos Sainz / Sainz-Leclerc / Leclerc-Sainz

AlphaTauri: Gasly-Tsunoda / Tsunoda-Gasly / Gasly-Tsunoda

Alfa Romeo: Raikkonen-Giovinazzi / Giovinazzi / Raikkonen

Haas: Schumacher-Mazepin / Mazepin-Schumacher / Schumacher-Mazepin

Williams: Nissany / Latifi / Russell