F1: Sainz: ‘Finishing was the priority, there will be time to play it’

The Spanish Formula One driver Carlos Sainz, eighth in the Bahrain Grand Prix in his debut in the team Ferrari, explained that his priority in this first race with his new team was “to finish the race” and said that later on he will be able to “gamble” by overtaking as he did at McLaren.

“Finishing this race was priority number one, there will be time to do the races that I did with McLaren or risk it so much in the first laps. Now it’s time to race, gain experience, get to know the car in a race situation, in dirty air, and leave. hence nothing, if I manage to have this rhythm in the races that come I will be happy, “he analyzed in statements to ‘DAZN F1’.

The Madrid driver finished the race in the same position where he started it, eighth, after a rough start in which he had a slight touch with the Canadian Lance Stroll (Aston Martin) and suffered several overtakings that he had to recover later.

“It’s a shame the start, I didn’t manage to get off to a good start, I took it very calmly, even too much, in the first laps, I did not know the car with dirty air and it did not give me confidence, I was lost. having settled the race, I was able to pace myself and go fast, “he explained.

Sainz was “very happy” with his performance after the start. “I had the best rhythms in the middle zone, for the first race it was not bad,” he added.

In fact, he ended up overtaking Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and Stroll. “I had a lot more rhythm than Stroll and Fernando, but since they were on a ‘little train’, it was difficult to pass them because they were stuck, I lost a lot of time there because the rhythm was better, then when I managed to be in clean air, the rhythm was very fast, “insisted Carlos Sainz, who added 4 points in Bahrain.