“F1 is for the best and Fernando Alonso is one of them”

Carlos Sainz, the brand new pilot of the Scuderia Ferrari for the seasons 2021 and 2022 and current pilot of McLaren until the end of the 2020 campaign, he has been the protagonist of the Movistar + program “Let’s go on wheels”.

Marc Gené also intervened that “Carlos will have pressure, but in his debut year nobody will demand anything exceptional from the start, learning to know the team and the handicap is that the preseason will be exceptionally short. They will ask him to work well with Leclerc and the team and to get many points. ” And he stressed that “Binotto noticed him, he likes that he does not make mistakes, he is extremely efficient and his personality”.


“At 17 I was quite naive and optimistic and I knew I was going to make it to F1, but I didn’t know what was coming next, that it would be so difficult and so much effort. There were complicated moments like that of the GP3 and 2014, without a seat in Toro Rossi and in extremis the opportunity comes. If they were going to tell me then that I was going to be Toro Rosso for three years, in Renault and Mclaren and signing Ferrari I would have fallen on my ass “


“I am not so naive anymore, now I am starting to get to know this sport better and I have realized that F1 always has its bad and good surprises and you have to be prepared for everything, there are things beyond your control and you have to do your best that you can, give it all for yourself and let things happen “


“It has been very rare, in the middle of a pandemic, but I have been able to experience it quite intensely. It has been an interesting couple of months to live from home with my father and the constant calls with my manager and cousin ‘Caco’, you have been quite rare but we have managed quite well ”


“The base of 2019 is very good and you have to make changes, improve details, but I don’t want to make any radical changes. From Renault to Mc Laren and from GP3 to F1 in 2’14-14 there were two very big changes in approach, both big changes in my career. And with the base of 2019 I have to refine details: keep trying to exploit different departments of the factory, linking them together to work as best as possible to improve several areas of the car at the same time. People like that you are going to ask and it is something that I have had a hard time assimilating. At 21 years old you think that whoever wants to listen to you but you are an F1 driver and people want to hear your opinion, give details of the car that suits you “


“I understand those who want to see me in red and fighting for victories as soon as possible, but I like to do things well and in time, I have a strange year ahead of all the others, which requires maximum concentration and above all the love that I have taken McLaren and how grateful I am for the opportunity, how they have helped me get the best version of myself and the desire to leave with my homework well done is very great. When this whirlwind is over, I am planning to go to London next week and when I step on Woking I will put Ferrari in a drawer and I will 100% think about having another good year in Mclaren. They have all been very good engineers, mechanics, they have sent me congratulatory messages just like the bosses and that is something I will not forget and I want to go in the best possible way


“There have been very emotional and loving messages, do you deserve it, or have you struggled and in the end it has come to you and they touch a lot, it is shocking to see the number of people who are happy for you. What has impacted me the most is that of the team members, all of whom have behaved very well. Engineers, mechanics, management have sent me congratulatory messages and that is something I will not forget and I want to leave in the best possible way. I thought that maybe it bothered me that I went to Ferrari and they were happy for me and it means a lot, they have forged special relationships ”


“The best would be to leave McLaren as a man and doing things well, that is my main objective and with the added pressure if I manage to make a very good year on top of that it will be a message of forcefulness, of knowing how to do things well”


“I do not know if they are the best moments of my career, because there would be missing the debut, the first GP in Spain that are unforgettable, but they were very special, last year it was very important for what happened, for Ferrari to will notice me ”


“I’m a little fed up and tired of being at home. the first three weeks, well, I take advantage of diet and sport and I get stronger and fitter, but the weeks went by, it never ends and it starts to get long. I want to go to London now, have a job, go to Mclaren to prepare everything ”


“We have not run a race since December and there are no contacts on the track, the feeling of dirty air, how the car reacts with two next to it and three in front and it will be more than six months and it will be noticed at the start. There should be no more accidents, we are F1 drivers and we have good muscle memory. And the physical issue if it would impact more 3-4 months without climbing into an F1 is hard. For the neck and stomach the G’s will be quite impressive ”


“We will have to do a lot of reset and turn the page that we already did but with so many and so compressed in six months it will be taken to the extreme. The first will be relatively easy because we are not running and with desire it does not matter so many races in a row but by December, although I do not think they will be so many races and they accept us in so many countries, we will be completely destroyed by so many in a row. But there is nothing I want more “


“I want to believe that yes, that it will continue on the calendar and hopefully my signing will help. I don’t know why the breakup, but Ferrari-Carlos Sainz can only help what interests both of them, I want to return and that there will be many more years of GP Spain ”


“I would sure like Alonso to be in F1, you know the relationship I have with him. F1 is for the best drivers in the world and Fernando is one of them, it is the place for Fernando, I would like to compete with him again. He has a baggage and a pedigree that he can afford to decide what he wants, as if he decides not to touch a car in his life or return to F1 will be what he wants and when he wants and he will do what makes him happiest “