F1 British GP 2020: Carlos Sainz’s genius outing

Spectacular. Carlos Sainz had to give everything at the start of the race to achieve a great result in the 2020 Formula 1 British GP. The Spanish rider defined this Saturday as a “great challenge” to start with the soft tire, a compound with greater degradation that he knew would soon be degraded. This should be a ‘handicap’ for him in his first stint against those rivals from the middle zone who started with the middle, and therefore, he knew that he had to give everything at the start to win as many positions as possible to defend himself. Than Charles It is one of the best outings starring is not a secret, and this time, he showed it again with a first round of true genius.

The Spanish started from the seventh position after suffering in classification with a problem in the change, and he did it with great ambition, defending himself in the first meters of the Renault outside the first corners and attacking Lance Stroll to pass it quickly.

Tremendous overtaking from Sainz to Leclerc

But far from settling for sixth place, Charles He went for all and took advantage of the best start performance of his soft compound (before it began to degrade) to make a spectacular overtaking on the outside at turn 9 to his partner Lando Norris, who couldn’t do anything but applaud him from inside his cockpit.

Landau it had gone a bit long at turn 8 when trying to attack Charles Leclerc, and Carlos took advantage of it to take the inside of this curve and snatch the place from the outside in the next.

Hamilton good out

In the lead, Lewis Hamilton He started from pole with a thousand wonders, maintaining his position against a Bottas who did not suffer at the start before a Max Verstappen that he had to worry more about defending himself from Leclerc. Max said before the race that he was not worried about the Monegasque. What do I expect from Charles? Nothing. The Ferrari is very slow, “said the young Dutchman, who almost ate his own words. However, Max was able to defend himself well from attacks by Leclerc and stay in third position.

Safety car on the first lap

The safety car did not take long to appear on the track, leaving at the end of the first lap after a crash of Magnussen with Albon. The Thai, very delayed, threw himself inside without a gap, too aggressively, hitting his left front wheel on the right rear wheel of the Danish from Haas. Kevin had to leave while Albon He was able to continue although he had to enter the pits on lap 7 to change tires and put the hard one.