Extremadura announces a principle agreement with the Treasury to make payments more flexible

The Extremadura UD has communicated this Thursday that it has reached a principle in accordance with the Tax agency for the “flexibility in the payment schedule” of the outstanding debt.

The club has issued a statement in which it ensures that this agreement is “in the absence of the final signature.”

Similarly, the club Almendralejo is working with the General Treasury of the Social Security to reach agreements that allow the payment of the debt contracted.

From the club they assure “to be certain that at the end of this week there will also be a principle of agreement with this body.”

The Extremadura club qualifies it as “great news” to continue satisfactorily with the voluntary contest process in which it is currently immersed and guarantee the viability of the entity.

This statement comes the same week in which all the players in the squad and the coaching staff made public a statement in which they denounced the continuous non-payments and delays in the payment of salaries.

Hours after that statement, the president of Extremadura, Manuel Franganillo, declared to the Marca newspaper his intention to liquidate the club for the debts, although shortly afterwards he denied them and affirmed that the objective was to pay them, finish the season and opt for the Pro League in a few months.