EXCLUSIVE Maestro Joao throws his last dart at Rocío Flores: “She gets easily upset”

Sparks fly between them every time they coincide in the debates of ‘Survivors 2021’. It seems that Master Joao and Rocío Flores cannot be fixed. This is what he told Omar Suárez in the interview he gave, exclusively, to Lecturas. Sus very commented crashes on set they originate off-camera. The now singer is clear about it and puts on the table the name and surnames of the animosity that the daughter of Antonio David Flores and Rocío Carrasco feeds towards him: El Rubio, his partner. Although, it is alsoHe points out that the vehement character that he exhibits every time someone opposes him is already a ‘brand of the house’.

“I understand that she has a lot of pressure outside of the contest, but she has to assimilate that she puts herself in front of a camera and an audience.”, Master Joao has no problem putting himself in the shoes of Rocío Flores in these moments of media earthquake that has been generated as a result of his mother, Rocío Carrasco, breaking her silence in a documentary series.

However, he also slides into his conversation with Omar Suárez for Lecturas that a work of self-criticism and self-control is necessary, because in the end, what causes is a deterioration of his public image. “It seems that it has a character that is altered immediately”, indicates with serious gesture.

And it is that a rumor has reached his ears that is gaining more and more strength and that is closely related between his live tensions and the relationship he currently maintains with El Rubio. “I have learned that, apparently, he did not like my relationship with him.” Maestro Joao remembers that his partner was a suitor of his aunt, Gloria Camila Ortega in ‘MYHYV’, “and he used to spend the summer in Chipiona,” he adds. “Rocío knew him and, when our relationship was made public, she blocked everything,” he still says with surprise. Master Joao is one of those who prefers to let the points come together, suggest rather than be explicit, and add on the matter: “Let each one draw his own conclusions.”