Excited letter from Italy of 1982 to Mancini’s men

The members of the historic selection of Italy that on July 11 like today but in 1982, 39 years ago, he won the World Cup in Spain at the Santiago Bernabéu, they have signed a letter addressed to his ‘successors’ in the ‘azurra squad’ that tonight will play the final of Euro 2020 against England at Wembley.

Signed for all its members and for the sons or daughters of those who are no longer with us, the letter is a hymn to the values ​​that that selection embodied, whose members are reflected in the current one.

This is the letter text, published by La Gazzetta dello Sport:

“In the last few weeks we have seen reflected in you a lot, a lot of us and of our history, sporting and human. In your courage, in your passion, in your sense of membership, in your impulse forward after a difficult period we have identified ourselves.

Good stories are never forgotten because they never end; they become emotions that remain in time, memories that strengthen, passing from heart to heart, from memory to memory. It will be the same for you.

Whatever happens.

Thanks for asking us relive all this, for making us feel, once again, young and brave and for showing that in every Italian there is a deep, great and often unpredictable force that explodes in difficult moments and that makes possible companies that did not seem so.

Always dare dream about the future that you can build.

And now go to London, go out to that field and give it all as always you have. Good stories never end!

Let’s go guys!”.


1 Dino Zoff, 2 Franco Baresi, 3 Beppe Bergomi, 4 Antonio Cabrini, 5 Fulvio Collovati, 6 Claudio Gentile, 7 Mariella Scirea (on behalf of Gaetano Scirea), 8 Pietro Vierchowod, 9 Giancarlo Antognoni, 10 Beppe Dossena, 11 Gian Piero Marini, 12 Ivano Bordon, 13 Lele Oriali, 14 Marco Tardelli, 15 Franco Causio, 16 Bruno Conti, 17 Daniele Massaro, 18 Alessandro Altobelli, 19 Ciccio Graziani, 20 Federica Rossi (Paolo Rossi), 21 Franco Selvaggi, 22 Giovanni Galli. Coach: Cinzia Bearzot (Enzo Bearzot). Second coach: Paolo Maldini (Cesare Maldini).