Ewing’s most precious trophies were stolen

The former player of the Knicks from New York Patrick Ewing He revealed Wednesday that his two 1984 and 1992 Olympic gold medals, as well as his 1984 NCAA college championship ring, were stolen during a burglary at his home several years ago.

“My house was robbed in New York City at one point and my medals were stolen,” he said. Ewing in an interview with the Dan Patrick Show.

The gold medal he won in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona as a member of the legendary Dream team it was one of the precious objects stolen from him, as was the gold medal he won eight years earlier at the Games of The Angels when I was still a college player.

But the former center of the Knicks, an unfortunate NBA finalist in 1994 and 1999 (not playing, injured), was able to get two more replacement medals, thanks to the intervention of the head of the American basketball federation, Jerry colangelo.

“He took care of me. He’s a great guy, “he said Ewing.

Looking at his college championship ring won with Georgetown, of which he is now the head coach, Ewing said he got it back after seeing it auctioned off at ebay.

“Sometimes it sucks to be famous,” said the former star of the NBA 57, who played 17 seasons, most with the Knicks, and was selected 11 times for the All Star.

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