‘Everything that happens to us could have happened to Deportivo’

Since his confinement at the Hotel Finisterre in A Coruña, Juanma Marrero, captain of the Fuenlabrada, gave an interview to ‘El País’ in which he gave his point of view on what is happening. Among other things, the player reproached the behavior that Deportivo is having in the whole matter, especially asking for the administrative descent of the Madrid team. “It seems like an aberration to me. The Dépor, by history and as an institution, is far above everything it is doing. Everything that happens to us could have happened to them. Now it is easy to ask that they take us down because they would be saved, but they are entering a war to save what they did not achieve in the field ”.

This does not mean that he does not have to have played any game on the last day. “As soon as I found out that we had six positives, I got in touch with the rest of the Second Captains in the WhatsApp group that we have and told them that the day had to stop. Nothing should ever have been played. I could be harmed or benefited. I do not know if the Federation or Thebes did not want to stop, but the unified days are made so that no one plays with the advantages of knowing other results. Competition is distorted. Now we have the advantage of knowing the result we need and Depor is down, but everything could have been different. It could happen that the two of us were worth the tie now, or that Dépor needed to win and we were in the playoff ”.

Marrero defended the performance of his club. “He did what he had to do, strictly follow the protocol. LaLiga sets the guidelines and both the CSD and the Federation approved that protocol. We did what was marked. We did two PCRs and a blood test before coming, and those of us who traveled were negative. Four members of the group had alterations in their tests and stayed in Madrid. It acted well. ” And he responded to the insinuations. And not so much that someone can drop a comment like that, but rather that someone creates it and gives it strength. This virus carried 40,000 people in Spain. I have not seen my wife and daughter for five months, who are in the Canary Islands. And what I least want is to come to A Coruña, infected or not, and stay locked in a hotel for 10 days. ”

The player was not surprised that they moved without a doctor. “No, because we knew that his test had come out with an alteration. The club, as captain, communicates this to me and explains that if something happened on the field, Deportivo’s doctor would have come out. ”

Finally, he does not see just a league of 24 teams. “Why 24 and not 26? It would be unfair to save Numancia and Deportivo when they have made the same merits as Extremadura and Racing to descend. Given the day, the four have dropped. It would be fair if no one descended. And above we have earned the right to qualify for the playoff and we are fit and there is time to put our day. The club knows that what we want is to get well and play. That is why we came to A Coruña. We want to assert that right, as if we have to complete the call with boys from the subsidiary, and opt for the dream we deserve to go up to First. ”