“Every two or three days I get the goal of South Africa”

Jesús Navas is an active legend in Seville. The player with the most games in history in Seville, with the most wins, with the most matches in the national team, world champion … an impressive record that does not stop him when it comes to getting excited about new challenges.

Thus, with 35 years to meet in November, he continues to have goals to meet and expressed this in his time on the official television of the Andalusian club, in which he pointed to new dreams in the near future. “I continue with the illusion of the first day, I enjoy every moment, and lifting a title as captain with Sevilla and being in the Euro Cup would be my dreams to fulfill,” explained the palatial footballer.

“Now it is time to work hard, there is one year left for the Euro Cup and for me it is the best to be with the national team. I have lived very magical and very beautiful moments, so it is necessary to work a lot with Sevilla to be able to be there again. Every two or three days I get a goal from South Africa, it is something unique. It has always been a dream since childhood to win a World Cup and you can be there ”, added the winger and winger from Sevilla.

Jesús Navas reiterates that he feels the illusion of the first day and feels privileged to be able to continue playing in the club in which he grew up, where he hopes to continue waging war: “I enjoy soccer a lot, what I do every day. I enjoy watching the fans with the work you do … I hope I can play for many more years and that my injuries will respect me. ”

“I like day to day, I do not stop to think about what I have achieved. I like day to day, working in every training session, in every game. That illusion is what makes me stay there and go further, “he adds.

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