‘Every day you don’t win a title with La Real’

Illarramendi he will be in charge of lifting the Cup trophy to the sky of Seville if the Real is proclaimed champion and has made it clear that he has dreamed of that scene on more than one occasion since “for things to come true you must first visualize them.” The captain txuri urdin has not hesitated to assure that they have been “waiting for this moment for a long time” and that they will keep in mind “that heat that the fans have given us” on their departure from Zubieta to “take this Cup to Donostia”.

Illarra has assured that they are “quite calm” and that the training week they have “faced it with joy and calm” since although they know “what is at stake” they understand that they have “nothing to prove” because “in the last two years “The team has progressed a lot, we have become a good team.”

The mutrikuarra, yes, assumes that in the final “there are no favorites” and that the two teams arrive “in good time.” For all this, although he knows that “it is not just another match”, the “4” of the Real is committed to “facing the game calmly. The most important thing is to be ourselves ””, finished a Illarramendi that he hopes to live tomorrow a peak day in his career since “every day he does not win a title with the Real”.