Everton defeat an Arsenal that escapes the European train

It is very curious that Arsenal, one of the 12 founding teams of the Super leagueIt is really difficult to be in European competitions next year. The ‘gunner’ painting received this Friday at Everton in a duel in which the one who was defeated was going to see the train leading to European competitions virtually slip away, and at the rate of an ‘own goal’ from the goalkeeper Bernd leno the three points flew towards Liverpool (0-1) to be those of Ancelotti and not those of Arteta those who remain in the ‘europelea’ with all of the law. The ‘gunners’ accumulate 25 consecutive seasons traveling through the old continent, but everything indicates that in the next they will not do so unless they win the Europa League in which they meet Villarreal in the semifinals.

The preview of the meeting was marked by the massive protest in which hundreds of fans of the Arsenal met in the outskirts of the Emirates Stadium to protest against Stan kroenke, owner of the club. He does not like it in general and what happened in recent days with the Super League in between has ended up being the last straw for the ‘Gunners’ fans, who want the American tycoon to move away from north London.

In these, the game started, with a police helicopter flying over the stadium for safety, and what happened on the green was not exactly an ode to colorful football but rather a succession of inaccuracies of two teams far from their best moment. In fact, the Everton, arrived at Emirates Stadium accumulating five Premier matches without winning and knowing that he had not done it in ‘gunner’ territory since 1996.

The goal that tipped the balance came in ’76, and it was not precisely due to the merit of the beneficiary but rather the demerit of one of the members of the injured party. Richarlison He reached the baseline on the right and put it in the pot, although with little success because the ball had no specific recipient, but the goalkeeper Bernd leno he made the mess and introduced the ball into his own goal.

Shortly after the final whistle, Martinelli had the tie, but Pickford He denied it and he Everton took all three points. With them, he joins the fight for places for European competitions, with 6 rental points on a Arsenal who trusts to win the Europa League to be in the next Champions. “Via Premier” things have already become more than complicated.