Eva Mendes opens debate on social networks about the ‘cheeks’ to children

With two and a half million followers, Eva mendes She is one of the most admired and loved celebrities on the planet. The actress is also very active in social networks, where whenever she can, she gives her opinion and offers her opinion on various topics.

On this occasion, he has not been left behind and in one of the issues that most concern parents, such as the education of their children, he has wanted to offer his opinion, without avoiding having generated a stir.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling They have been together for 10 years and are the happy parents of two daughters, Esmeralda and Amada. The actress has been retired from filming for a few years and is very focused on her fashion brand and, mainly, on taking care of her family.

Although the actor couple has been extremely reserved with their privacy, Eva has created a large community of mothers, as she calls it, on her social networks where she likes to interact.

Now it has shown it once again by provoking a debate that has generated two very opposite currents. It all started a few hours ago when Mendes uploaded a photo with a spectacular dress and a message.

“I am often asked what my favorite red carpet dress is. This versace there definitely. But I’m not often asked what my favorite parenting quote is, but I’ll post it anyway. Please swipe if you care ”, he has written in his account.

In the second image, there is a quote that reads: “Spanking [dar azotes en el culo] it does to the development of your child the same thing that hitting a spouse does to a marriage ”.

The comments did not take long to fill with people for and against and telling their own experiences.