“Europe is a requirement for other teams”

The Granada coach, Diego Martínez, described the virtual permanence as “a resounding and absolute success” and said that “Europe is a requirement for other teams, due to budget, staff and tradition”, and not his, and that he visits them an Eibar that has gained “confidence and strength” with its latest results.

The Granada coach said this Saturday in a telematic press conference that they are “with the hope of having a good game” on Sunday in Nuevo Los Cármenes, where they will try to “compete” giving “the best” of themselves to an Eibar that “It comes from beating Valencia and played a good game against Real Madrid.”

“Eibar is a very recognizable team, consolidated in the First Division, intense and that pushes a lot. The matches are always very difficult against them, they transmit a lot of liveliness and energy, they are a very competitive team, and their latest results have given them more confidence and strength, “he stressed.

He also acknowledged that he hoped that the game schedule (19.30) had been “changed” due to the “thermal sensation” expected at that time in Granada, arguing that “it is not healthy” to play in these conditions, which means that, not having changed, the temperature will be “one more factor of difficulty for the teams”.

Martínez insisted that the “maximum challenge” for his squad is “trying to win the next game” because “you have to see how difficult it is to win for all the teams, and more for Granada”.

In addition, he added that, in the “other football” that is being seen in the resumption of LaLiga Santander, both they and the rest of the teams find it “very difficult” to reach their “best version”.

“Before starting the season, permanence was an illusion, not a requirement. Now it is touched with the fingers, because it is not yet mathematical, and it is an illusion transformed into reality, which is an absolute and resounding success,” said the coach. of the rojiblanco team, who transferred to others the pressure to fight for Europe.

“The team will try to give the maximum in each match, we want to add as many points as we can, but Europe is a requirement for other teams due to budget, staff and tradition,” he said.

Regarding the draw last day in Leganés (0-0), he explained that “a point in the First Division is very important” and that another team in the situation of Granada “would have let itself go” in that clash, but that they did not they never did and they never will.

For the Galician coach, “it is a time to enjoy” and in which they want “to continue writing with golden letters in the history of Granada”.

Regarding the muscular injury of the Portuguese goalkeeper Rui Silva, he indicated that it is “bad news” and attributed it to “this maelstrom of matches”, although he showed his “confidence” in Aarón Escandell, who has received “the opportunity he has been working on all year”.