Eurofans on Spotify have already chosen their winner of the 2021 edition

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 It will take place this year in Rotterdam, which was supposed to host the event in 2020 before being canceled due to the outbreak of the pandemic. And while the majority of Eurofans will be able to enjoy the contest through their screens, a lucky audience of 3,500 people will be able to listen to the finalist songs in person on May 22, 2021. On the eve of this celebration, the data from Spotify show how fans across Europe are excited about the return of Eurovision and the new songs for this edition, as well as showing their support for the show by playing their favorite songs and artists from past editions.

Spotify He also wants to join the party and that’s why he has launched the playlist ‘Eurovision 2021’With all the songs from the festival present this year. And according to the data, those who most listen to this list since March 2021 are the Spanish, Spain being the most Eurofan country in the world. In fact, Spanish users have created more than 55,000 playlists specifically dedicated to Eurovision songs to date, demonstrating their great enthusiasm for the world’s largest annual television contest.

Maneskin, representative of Italy

Furthermore, our country turns this year neither more nor less than 60 years at El Festival de la Canción, whose debut was made possible thanks to Conchita Bautista with “Estando Contigo”. Now the subject continues to live in streaming and in the last year it has experienced an increase in its listeners in Spain of 46%, following the trend of nostalgia and the recovery of great classics from the past that has accompanied us during the pandemic in search of happier times. “Estando Contigo” has also crossed our borders and some of the countries that listen to it the most are Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Chile. To discover more hits like this and to celebrate 60 years of Spain at the festival, the playlist ‘Eurovision Spain’ contains all the songs that have represented our country since its debut.

Coming back to the present, let’s take a look at what Eurovision 2021 will look like and the Eurofans’ stakes based on recent listening data from the more than 356 million users of the most popular streaming audio platform.

Eurovision 2021 favorites on Spotify

If we talk about the favorite candidates of the eurofans on Spotify, the data from the platform between March and May 2021 reveals that Italy is number one with its song “ZITTI E BUONI”, by Måneskin, the rock group from Rome that conquered the Sanremo Festival last March. This song is also a fan favorite in various countries around the world, such as the United Arab Emirates.

After Italy, Sweden is in second position with “Voices”, by Tusse; Finland in third place with Blind Channel’s “Dark Side”, and Norway in fourth place with TIX’s “Fallen Angel”. The ‘top 5’ is closed by France with “Voilà”, by Barbara Pravi.

In this way, the ranking of the Eurofans’ favorites on Spotify in 2021 would look like this:

Italy – “ZITTI E BUONI”, by Måneskin

Sweden – “Voices”, by Tusse

Finland – “Dark Side” by Blind Channel

Norway – “Fallen Angel”, by TIX

France – “Voilà”, by Barbara Pravi

Cyprus – “El Diablo”, by Elena Tsagrinou

Denmark – “Øve Os På Hinanden”, by Fyr Og Flamme

Switzerland – “Tout l’univers”, by Gjon’s Tears

Iceland – “10 Years”, by Daði Freyr

Netherlands – “Birth Of A New Age”, by Jeangu Macrooy

The favorites of Spanish Spotify users for Eurovision 2021

Every Eurofan knows that the best part of the contest begins when they connect live with the different countries for voting. But how would Spain’s votes be distributed according to Spanish Spotify users? Undoubtedly, the 12 points would go to Switzerland, the favorite candidate in our country with the theme “Tout l’univers”, by Gjon’s Tears.

The second favorite candidacy for the Spanish is that of France with “Voilà”, by Barbara Pravi; the third, our candidacy with Blas He sang with “I’m going to stay”; the fourth favorite is Cyprus with “El Diablo”, by Elena Tsagrinou, and the fifth Italy with her song “ZITTI E BUONI”, by Måneskin.

Regarding the representation of Spain with Blas Cantó, the artist confesses to Spotify Spain that with “I’m going to stay” he wants to “bring a message of hope. Music is saving us in these difficult times ”. And he adds that it is a pleasure for him to be able to participate in a festival that “champions diversity, culture and freedom.”

The ranking of the favorites of Spanish Spotify users for Eurovision 2021 would be as follows:

Switzerland – “Tout l’univers”, by Gjon’s Tears

France – “Voilà”, by Barbara Pravi

Spain – “I’m going to stay”, by Blas Cantó

Cyprus – “El Diablo”, by Elena Tsagrinou

Italy – “ZITTI E BUONI”, by Måneskin

Malta – “Je me casse”, by Destiny

Romania – “Amnesia”, by Roxen

Sweden – “Voices”, by Tusse

Greece – “Last Dance”, by Stefania

Lithuania – “Discoteque”, by THE ROOP

However, an interesting fact is that among the songs that have experienced the most growth in reproductions in Spain from April to May is the theme from Ukraine, “SHUM”, by Go_A, with an increase of 113%. It is followed by an increase in listeners with 107% the candidacy of Portugal, “Love Is On My Side”, by The Black Mamba, and that of Bulgaria, “growing up is getting old”, by VICTORIA, with an increase in reproductions of the 102% in just one month.

Finally, nostalgia is also a trend on Spotify and Eurofans have not stopped listening to some of the best hits that have caused a sensation in past editions of Eurovision. In fact, the most-played winning song of all time has marked a new milestone this year. Duncan Lawrence, from the Netherlands, has ousted Loreen’s “Euphoria” with “Arcade”, taking the top spot from him. In fact, “Arcade” now has 156% more views on Spotify than the Loreen theme.

To fully enjoy Eurovision 2021 and review the songs of the participating countries, nothing better than looping the official playlist at Spotify. And to celebrate 60 years of Spain in EurovisionNothing like taking a look back with the “Eurovision Spain” list.