Euro Cup Cheer | Which selection will be the winner?

Since the teams qualified for the final phase of Euro 2021 and, even more, when the distribution of the selections in the six different groups of the first sentence was known, it was already begun to elucubrate which they are the candidate teams more firmly to achieve the final title on July 11 in London at Wembley Stadium.

Favorite France to win the Eurocup?

For his career in the last big tournaments and also for his latest results in qualifying and friendly matches, France is the great favorite to win the final victory in this Euro 2021. In addition to his good career, the call of Karim Benzema is added, which will give him an extra creativity and efficiency in attack.

Favorites to title

Followed by the French team, a priori and according to experts, it would be England the one with the most ballots to get this Eurocup. The combination of veteran, speed and youth of the English can be a mix of success in the games they play. In addition, Harry Kane could have the perfect showcase for a transfer this summer, as he has stated that it is his intention.

Beyond these two selections, there are four others that will be attentive to the failure of the two great favorites, but if they win the European Championship it would not be much less a surprise. We talk about Germany, Belgium, Portugal and of course, Spain. All of them have shown that they are capable of winning anyone. It only remains to be seen if they will be able to chain the number of consecutive victories that are necessary to be able to take the final win at Wembley.

Behind these selections, there are also other powerful combinations that have options to win the Eurocup and that they have come very far in the last national team tournaments, such as Italy, Holland Y Croatia.

Who will be the top scorer?

In addition to the winner of the tournament, it is also interesting to know who will be the top scorer of the tournament, since on many occasions it guarantees to be among the first classified in this tournament. The big betting favorite is Harry Kane, but closely followed by Romelu Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappé. Karim Benzema is also among the favorites for his latest numbers with Real Madrid, but it remains to be seen what role Didier Deschamps gives him in this French team.