Ester Exposito and her latest ‘look’, meat of all memes

26.5 million. That is the number of followers that Ester Exposito It has in Instagram. And of course, if two eyes already see a lot, imagine what this jug of eyes sees at the same time. Everything the Spanish actress does or says is scrutinized down to the last detail and generates a great deal of comment.

Such is the case of latest ‘stories’ that he has posted on his Instagram account. In them she wears a long braid with all the hair slicked back. The angle make believe that it is completely bald spot. A optical effect that has nothing to do with reality, do not panic.

And as expected, the ‘Memes’ have flooded the networks social: “Bro seems to be bald haha” commented one user while another defended his undeniable beauty even so: “Ester Exposito bald is also pretty, so that’s enough “, wrote the user @iirenemunozz.

And we have to agree with him. Because the very young interpreter looks better than anyone whatever she wears and any change of ‘look’ that is done.