Estela Grande’s fooling around with a Spanish footballer, is their relationship confirmed?

Since some photos of Diego Matamoros and Carla Barber kissing will confirm their separation from television, Estela Grande no other partner has been known. At least in a formal and official way. Although, as is evident, several names have emerged as candidates to occupy his heart at this time.

One of them, for example, was that of Noel Bayarri. Apparently, the extronista from ‘Mujeres y Hombres y Vicversa’ and the model would have met through the dating app ‘Tinder’. However, his story would not have gone beyond a few meetings in Madrid and the real lucky person seems to be someone else.

You just have to take a look at Estela’s Instagram profile to realize the fool that exists with a footballer from our country. More specifically, a Getafe player by name Juan Iglesias (which in the social network calls himself juanitoiglesias). And the fact is that both her photos, and his, have the ‘like’ and the pertinent comment of the other.

Juan works as a right-back in the Madrid team’s subsidiary and has 22 years (four less than the former GH contestant). But the age difference does not seem to be an impediment for the “lovebirds.” In fact, thanks to the last ‘storie’ shared by the young man in which the couple appears with Estela’s best friend, it is clear that Juan is perfectly in the circle of his girl.