Estela Grande, very surprised after knowing the new relationship of her ex-husband

This week the news that he announced has been confirmed ‘Socialite’On the appearance of a new woman in the life of Diego Matamoros. It’s about Carla Barber, a good friend of her sister Laura Matamoros. Both have already shown their love on social networks, sharing their first photo together. “Life surprises you …“Diego wrote in his Instagram post. While the doctor did not hesitate to ensure that for her, this relationship was “the best gift of my 30”.

The news would have caught his ex-wife, the model and ‘influencer’, by surprise. Estela Grande. The last edition of ‘GH VIP’Was the trigger for the end of the relationship between her and Diego, who could not bear the approaches with Kiko Jiménez and decided to end his love story with the model. However, until very recently and throughout the confinement by the coronavirus, the son of Kiko Matamoros he did not hide his feelings for his ex-wife. In addition, both continued to maintain contact.

Diego Matamoros with his wife, Estela Grande, at the ‘Big Brother VIP’ house.

After confirming Diego’s new romance, ‘Ana Rosa’s program’He has contacted Estela Grande to get his opinion. The model would have been shown very surprised with the new ‘illusion’ of her ex-husband.

Marta Riesco: “Estela and Diego have had a very close relationship in the quarantine”

Estela told me that she had been ‘poof ’and in shock because she and Diego had a very close relationship in the quarantine and even saw each other a few days ago. Estela is surprised that at no time did she tell him that she had met someone with everything they had talked about in these months ”, she explained during the program Marta Riesco.

Marta Riesco reveals in 'The Ana Rosa program' how Estela Grande is living the news about the new relationship of Diego Matamoros.
Marta Riesco reveals in ‘The Ana Rosa program’ how Estela Grande is living the news about the new relationship of Diego Matamoros.

Diego Matamoros’s new girlfriend

Carla Barber is a well-known model who works in aesthetic medicine and who was a contestant on ‘Survivors 2016’. The Canary, who is 30 years old, also increased her popularity by maintaining a two-year relationship (2013-2015) with the footballer Álvaro Morata. In 2018, she married the Colombian doctor Camilo Esquivel, whom he divorced after eight months of marriage.