Estela Grande reveals how her relationship with soccer player Juan Iglesias began

Estela Grande He announced just a few days ago that he has found love again. The model has known the Getafe player for months Juan Iglesias and, as she herself confirmed, they are currently in a relationship. “It helps me to be better, it drives me, it gives me strength, it gives me wings. It’s amazing, I feel really good. I am overflowing with happiness, because it complements me 100%”, He said then on his Mtmad channel.

This Friday, Grande spoke again about her relationship on the Mediaset platform. The ex-wife of Diego Matamoros has shared a video answering questions from his followers in which he has revealed new details about his romance with the athlete, in addition to ensuring that is “better than ever”. “It had been a long time since he had been so good. I am calm, happy, serene”, He assured.

As expected, apart from questions about her profession or her future plans, there have been followers of the young woman who have asked her about Iglesias. “How did you realize that you liked Juanito if you were just friends before?“, Wanted to know a fan of the‘ influencer ’.

In the end you realize it over time. When things happened in my life during the past year, the one who supported me the most was him. I told him everything. I tell you about other boys, other people, things that happened to me in my life… ”, the model began to explain. “There came a time when the stars aligned and what had to happen happened. And I thought ‘either I screwed up or I just did the best I could.’ I realized that we hadn’t screwed up”, Has continued.

Estela Grande reveals how her relationship with Juan Iglesias began.

Estela Grande: “It’s very nice, we have both evolved together”

Since then, Grande says, she and her new boyfriend they have not separated: “Before we didn’t separate either. We were together 24 hours a day, but only as friends. And now we do the same but with a sentimental relationship. It is very beautiful, we have both evolved together, we know each other a lot, there is full trust”.

Likewise, the ‘influencer’ has also explained that does not show your relationship on social media because her boyfriend is not part of this world. Of course, the young woman was encouraged to show exclusively, through her phone, a photography with the Getafe player.

Estela Grande reveals how her relationship with Juan Iglesias began.

Estela Grande reveals how her relationship with Juan Iglesias began.