Espanyol scratches a point that knows little against Sporting

Espanyol scratched this Sunday a Molinón draw, a point that It seems like a short booty considering the benefits what they gave those of Vicente Moreno. And is that Espanyol was superior to Sporting, especially in the second half, when they had several clear chances to have won. They looked for it and they deserved it, but they lacked punch and luck. And it was not from Tomás.

After the scratched point, Espanyol remains second in the classification 4 points behind the leader, since neither Mallorca (first), nor Almería (third) punctured on Saturday. And Sporting is still undefeated at home and hanging around the promotion positions.

The goals came in the first half Well, first he gave Embarba and tied the ‘top scorer’ Djurdjevic. And already in the second, Espanyol was better but lacked the effectiveness of previous games to kill.

Vicente Moreno lined up Dimata in place of the injured De Tomás, being the first ownership of the Belgian striker with the blue and white jersey. Espanyol got off to a strong start, having the ball and teaming up quickly, keeping up with Sporting.

Parakeets were liked and soon they were awarded prizes. In the 12 ‘, Melendo served Pedrosa in depth and he placed a pass back for Embarba to pierce the net, after rebounding in a defense. The action was reviewed by the VAR, but the goal rose to the scoreboard.

The goal further spurred Espanyol, feeling dominating. And when he was better, slap from the locals. In the 23 ‘, Keidi Baré he lost a dumb ball to the spinal cord and Djurdjevic went like a bullet, placing a shot close to the stick that caught Diego López off guard or somewhat ahead of him. Second’s top scorer, on fire.

Possible penalty on Óscar Gil

On the first clear occasion that he had the eleven by David Gallego, the equalizer fell. The duel was balanced at the edge of half an hour, although in the final stretch before relegation Sporting, emboldened, put against the ropes to the parakeets, prowling the second local. Before, at 33 ‘, Espanyol claimed a possible penalty on Óscar Gil, that the referee ignored.

Before the break he had to get the VAR back into action. In 46 ‘, Gaspar beat Diego López but the goal was not awarded as there was a previous control with the hand of the rojiblanco player, which invalidated the local goal.

In the second part Espanyol put one more start gear and he soon warned that he wanted victory. In 51 ‘ Javi puado walked almost to the kitchen and served Dimata, but the Belgian ‘9’ sent the ball very high, marking a good occasion. Those of Vicente Moreno took control of the game, seeing their best minutes against Sporting that closed far behind, watching them come.

New arbitration controversy that set the parrots on fire. In 53 ‘the referee forgave the second yellow to Javi Fuego, throw that should have been punished for being a tackle from behind and without options to play the ball. Everything came to nothing.

He kept pressing Espanyol and Dimata had it in ’58‘With a center kick that was poisoned. Vicente Moreno put oxygen with the input of Fran Mérida and Wu Lei, looking for the goal that his team was deserving. The changes did not improve what was already there.

The crossbar prevented the second parakeet

Puado had it in ’59“With a great header, but the clearest came in minute 77”, a double occasion that, unbelievably, did not end in a goal. Embarba first put the local goalkeeper to the test who pulled out a great hand and the rejection took advantage of it Óscar Gil with a howitzer that spat the crossbar.

Jump Nico Melamed and he also had a chance in the 80 ‘but his header, with the goal beaten, went high. Espanyol was desperate and deserved more advantage, locking up a Sporting that did not scare. He tried until the end but the second goal did not fall and he It was from Gijón with the bittersweet sensation that left two points.