Espanyol Festival in El Toralín

The EspanyoHe thrashed a Ponferradina which he overwhelmed, especially in a brutal first half, and he walks with a firm step to end up being the brand new and undisputed champion of Second. Two goals from Dimata (the first historical, at 10 seconds) one from Puado (penalty) and another of Nico MelamedThey served to tie the victory and forget the ‘accident’ last Friday against Cartagena.

He wins and likes himself again and in what way, while the ‘Ponfe’ loses rope in their fight to sneak into the promotion playoff, squandering the options he still had with defeat.

Espanyol could not have started the game better. After taking out of the center of the field, Dimata has scored the fastest goal in history of the perico club, as he scored at 10 seconds to culminate a quick play between Vargas and Pedrosa. Brutal start.

Espanyol was still in steamroller mode, hoarding an overwhelmed ‘Ponfe’ and soon the second fell. At minute 7, Valcarce
knocked down Puado in the area, book penalty that transformed the ‘9’ canterano, putting the 0-2 after a spectacular start by the parakeets, in overwhelming mode.

Cabrera had the third and after half an hour, Espanyol lowered the piston, although Ponfe did not worry either, because everything was going uphill. The local eleven woke up at the edge of the break with a shoe from a direct free kick from Ríos Reina who spat the crossbar. Brutal first time.

In the resumption, la ‘Ponfe’ put one more gear and he looked for the goal, trying to shake off the blue and white power. In 48 ‘, again Ríos Reina from a foul had the goal but goalkeeper Oier rSponsored with a ‘10’ paradón. He pressed the eleven from Leon and took a slice.

In the 51st minute, from a corner kick Sielva headed in and Darder, in his attempt to clear, made an own goal. The 1-2 put pepper to the duel, but Espanyol did not want scares. Darder had the third in minute 53 ‘, but the crossbar prevented the target from going up to the scoreboard after a’ play ‘by the Mallorcan.

But Espanyol wanted to continue disguised as ‘shredder‘And avoided any hint of local reaction with a new goal of Dimata, the second of the Belgian. In 54 ‘, Vargas He put a luxury center for Dimata to head to the network.

In the final stretch the goal could arrive in both areas because the ‘Ponfe’, all honor, put pressure and even ended with goalkeeper Manu injured, but holding on under sticks.

Espanyol did not relax and the changes of Vicente Moreno made Espanyol show its image as an undeniable leader until the end, although the rhythm of the duel declined.

[+] See the summary and the goals of the match:

Nevertheless Nico Melamed had the fourth and Ríos Reina also the second place, although Oier showed off. Nico looked for him and ended up ‘wetting‘At 92’, putting 1-4, a goal that Dimata gave him, sweet. Parakeet Festival in a placid duel from the first breath.