Espanyol expects to start in Primera with 100% of the public

Espanyol hopes that the next league, which starts in mid-August, it can already be with 100% of the public in the stands from the RCDE Stadium. This is how he has hinted this Wednesday J

orbe María Durán, CEO and CEO
del Espanyol, in the act of presentation of the extension of the Animation Grada of the perico club.

“Everything indicates that there will be maximum normality next season,” he explained. Duran. “It is our forecast and that of other clubs, with whom we will speak in the LaLiga committee next Monday ”, advanced the CEO Perico.

In line, he clarified that “if in certain covered places it can already be 70 percent, within a few months with the most advanced vaccine and in a more open space, it should be 100%.”

Durán has also explained that the entity recently presented a lawsuit in the National Court against the resolution of the Higher Sports Council (CSD) to prevent the public from entering LaLiga stadiums.

Regarding the expansion of the Animation Grada, it will continue calling Canito and should bring together, in principle, Curva and Juvenil 1991, Since Espanyol has explained that LaLiga and the Mossos d’Esquadra no longer allow the existence of more than one animation focus in the stadium.

Alberto Ariza, head of the Social Area of ​​RCD Espanyol

The animation stand expands to sectors 111 and 112 so that more groups and clubs can be incorporated. “With this spirit, this impulse and with the regulations in force, which There can only be one level of animation, we expand it. This stand will be differential, it will give us many points; our players have passed it on to us. The fans will be our soul ”, Duran stressed.

While the person responsible for Social Area, Alberto Ariza, has insisted that “the animation stand is the lung of the Stadium. A very important part. The current animation stands is full and we want to expand it to bring together all these young people who want to return to the field. We want to be a reference ”.

Durán stressed that communion with the fans is essential. “The field factor for us is differential. I want to thank all the fans, for the received ones, the motadas, for the total unity. The team has felt that way. Thanks and more thanks. It has been the key to achieving promotion, ”said the CEO.

“Our thanks to all social agents, to all partners, in this unusual season. Together, with unity, we have returned to the First Division ”, Ariza concluded.