Epic tribute from UDG Tenerife on Mother’s Day

The UDG Tenerife He wanted to pay his particular tribute to all mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day which is celebrated on the first Sunday in May. And he has done it in a sympathetic and revolutionary way: presenting on his Twitter account the line-up of the players for the game against Eibar with the surname of mothers, instead of the usual of fathers.

An epic tribute. And it is that we still carry traditions by which children inherit the surnames of their parents and never – or very rarely if they decide so – that of the mother. That is why this club has taken this epic initiative that has been a resounding success in reception by its fans.

This has been verified through social networks, where the followers of the Granadilla Tenerife They have celebrated the great occurrence and have applauded this beautiful tribute to all the moms.

Mother’s Day is celebrated this year on May 2. The UDG Tenerife played their match on the 28th day of the Primera Iberdrola against Eibar this Saturday, having lost 2-1, in a setback that endangers their European aspirations.