Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria would have ended their relationship, according to ‘Look’

They seemed a very established couple despite the numerous criticisms received, but apparently their relationship has come to an end. As reported by the portal ‘Look’, Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria will have decided to end their romance and that would be the reason why the bullfighter leaves the ring.

Just a few days ago, Enrique Ponce announced by surprise that he is leaving the arena “indefinitely.” The right-hander gave this news only a few days after a task in Castellón, and in the middle of the 2021 season.

According to the statement with which the right-hander made this decision known, and which was titled “Thank you, hobby”, he is grateful for all the support during his long career, although he does not give the reasons why he is retiring. “To those who have accompanied me for more than three decades,” writes the right-hander in the text.

“The first thing I want is to thank you for your love and unconditional support, especially in this last year of pandemic in which I decided to defend bullfighting, push forward and give back to the bull world how much it has given me,” he adds. also.

However, it has now been known that the reason for his withdrawal may be related to his break with Ana Soria, his partner during the last months of his life after the separation from Paloma Cuevas.

The news has surprised locals and strangers. According to the portal, “Look has been able to know exclusively that this delicate decision responds to the name and surname of Ana Soria. Something has been broken between the couple just when they began their second summer together to the point that it has conditioned the most imminent professional future of the Valencian ”.