Enrique del Pozo ‘explodes’ against Avilés for saying this about Ana Obregón: ‘It’s a low blow’

Weekend moved in ‘Live life‘. The last friday, Diego ArrabaHe announced through his Twitter account that he was leaving his position as a collaborator in the space of Telecinco. “I still can’t believe it, after almost 4 wonderful years collaborating for‘ Viva la vida ’, this past May 16 was my last program. After so many professional challenges and projects, it was time to say goodbye. Thank you ”, wrote the collaborator in his account.

But it is not the only surprise that the program led by Emma García had prepared. On the same Saturday, Enrique del Pozo became the new collaborator of ‘Live life‘. The popular actor reappeared on a television set after a long absence.

Enrique del Pozo in ‘Viva la vida’

And on his second day on the air, he already had them with Jose Antonio Aviles, one of the most controversial collaborators of the house. It was for one of the issues that the program wanted to address: the death a few days ago of the mother of Ana Obregon.

The former contestant of Survivors He did not hesitate to talk about the family’s past, detailing that “all the problems they had with a company and that until 2018 they were in court fighting over a bankruptcy of the company that gave them so much headaches.” These words did not like anything to the actor who decided to stop his partner’s feet.

“But what need do you have now, at the moment when there is Obregon, that his mother has passed away? That is part of the story. Don’t you think you’re getting shit, for free? I think this is not the time to talk about these stories, ”Enrique del Pozo pronounced, commanding silence Aviles.

José Antonio Avilés in 'Long Live Life'

José Antonio Avilés in ‘Long Live Life’

He did not hesitate to answer, assuring that “my obligation is to inform and bring information”, to which the new collaborator replied saying that he thought “a very low blow. He’s getting into some kind of shit that doesn’t proceed”.