England has Italianized

Splashed with the feeling that you have received some help or other, England has not generated much attachment outside its own borders during the Eurocup. With a way of playing that neither falls in love nor enthuses, the team of Southgate it has Italianized in search of being champion. As much as the coach has an army of good attacking players, England this summer has consolidated its proposal and its success from the solidity behind.

In his roadmap until the end it is only stated somewhat against, data that dimensions the effort to build the equipment from the base and not from the roof. The most conservative England has at the same time been the one with the best results: they have won all their matches of the Eurocup except the tie against her neighbor Scotland, a small bump without consequences because he did not put his participation at risk after the group stage.

Southgate He prioritized the tactical order to misrule, sometimes so recurrent in an England that until now had not felt with the possibility of making a difference: “The merit is not only of Maguire or from Stones, not even the structure of the entire rear. It belongs to everyone ”, he reflects Fabio
Capello this morning on The Telegraph. It is a choral team, with the automatisms learned by heart. In the case of England, a good attack begins with a good defense.

Although not astonishing, his hobby has reached the point that it does not matter how but what. More than half a century without winning anything. Generations and generations that have never savored the value of a definitive triumph in a World Cup or in a Eurocup. England is on the verge of doing so in the absence of the final in Wembley: “So what if we don’t play nice?”repeat his compatriots. It only matters to win, even if the national team has become Italianized and not many people like it.