Encontronazo between Tom Brusse and Alejandro Albalá in ‘Survivors 2021’

A few days after the start of ‘Survivors 2021’, the group of contestants has not yet managed to make a fire, something that has caused the first frictions and tensions. In this case, the protagonists have been Tom Brusse and Alejandro Albalá who had a little encounter.

It all originated when Tom brusse was being used thoroughly to get to make fire. In these Alejandro Albalá gave him some instructions to achieve the desired fire, something that did not sit well with the Moroccan.

“No, leave it like that, it’s going well,” Alejandro Albalá told Tom Brusse. “Your advice is good, but I know what I’m doing”, snapped Melyssa Pinto’s ex-boyfriend.

The moment of the discussion of Tom Brusse and Alejandro Albalá

Then Alejandro replied: “Okay, calm down and don’t be nervous”. Far from calming down, Tom Brusse answered again. “You always want to be right and you are not. I’m up to the *** of your comments. You have nothing to do with fire, go somewhere else and make your fire ”.

After the episode, Alejandro Albalá commented with the rest of the survivors about the discussion he had with Tom Brusse. “He got up on his left foot, It will pass, “he said, ending with:” That he does what he wants, but with me he will not get it, “said the Cantabrian, making it clear that he is not looking for any confrontation with Tom.

As for Tom, he ventured himself to Lola, with whom he was trying to make the fire. “Whenever I say something he wants to correct me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me ”, he told Lola.