Empty stadiums ‘discover’ the benches

Julen lopetegui he was reprimanded in the second leg of the Cup semifinals against Barça, this Wednesday at the Camp Nou, for “arguing with an opponent without insults or threats,” according to the minutes. Was the second yellow What does the Sevilla coach see in Cup this season, cards to which we must add the three yellow and two red that have been shown to you in The league.

Oscar Caro, his physical trainer, was expelled at the Camp Nou for “raising his arms shouting in protest at one of my decisions, having previously been warned by the fourth official”. In total, the Sevilla coaching staff accumulates this course, when there are still 13 league games left, nine yellows and three reds between the League and the Cup; one yellow and two reds more than in the previous year in these same competitions.

In 2019-20, 69 cards were shown to the benches; in 2020-21, missing a third of the League, they now add 72

Perform the comparative of the evolution of the cards shown to all the technical bodies of LaLiga Santander 2020-21 with which they saw the previous season, confirms that the reigning silence in the stadiums due to the absence of the public he plays clearly against him.

From this analysis it is obtained that, with almost a third of the League ahead, in this 2020-21 technicians and their assistants have already taken more cards than a year ago. And the difference, for the moment, is much more noticeable in the red ones than in the yellow ones, although in this last section the figures of the previous one will soon exceed those of this year.

Without an audience in the stands, the shouts and reactions of the coaching staff clearly reach the ears of the fourth official and even the principal

In the 2019-20 season LaLiga Santander benches suffered, among League and Cup, 19 expulsions; on the 2020-21 add up to 24. And of the 50 yellows exhibited throughout the previous year, we have, for the moment, gone to 47 of the current. In total, then, while in the 2019-20 the benches saw 69 cards, on the 2020-21 we are already at 72. And with 12 days Leagues and the Cup final ahead, it is clear that these figures will increase and exceed even more clearly those of the previous year.

The benches have already accumulated five more expulsions than in the entire previous season and, for now, three fewer yellows

Imagine that this increase is due to a worst behavior of the benches would be at least risky: football has always been a passion and has provoked angry reactions from all its protagonists. Yet until now, with the venues packed and the fans screaming, these outbursts were ‘silenced’ and many did not reach the ears of the fourth referee, who by physical proximity was almost always the one who warned the main referee.

Now few screams escape to this fourth official and many those who reach the principal’s ears directly, favored by the prevailing silence. A silence that has ended up condemning many benches.