Emotional meeting between Joaquín Sánchez and the son of Antonio Puerta

The captain of the Betis, Joaquin Sanchez, has taught and recommended discipline and sacrifice, in addition to “a little luck” Aitor Puerta, 13 years old and son of the Seville legend who died in 2007, Antonio Puerta, with whom he has starred in a video for an electrical appliance firm.

‘Showing your weapons to the eternal rival may be unwise or it may be the smartest thing you have ever done in your life. Think about it. Discover Smart, a story to change history ”, is the motto of this video posted by Joaquín on his twitter account in which he shares with Aitor soccer, ping-pong, jokes and even Italian cuisine.

The son of Antonio Puerta, 13, receives advice from Joaquin, who explains, among other things, that ‘joaquininha’ began to practice it on the street, that he perfected it when he saw the Brazilian Juninho Pernambucano and that he has put it into practice in “a couple of games.”

Aitor he plays in the same position as his father, a long-distance left-back, and confesses to Joaquín that what is most difficult for him is to go down when he has reached the top to put it on, to which the Betic captain tells him that “ quality ”they“ find it hard to go back ”.

Recommends the portuense to Aitor that to get there you have to “sacrifice many things” and “a little bit of luck” because many are those who aspire to do so and few who do; and reminds him that, among them, was the deceased side of the Seville, with a door in the Sánchez Pizjuán, the one on the 16 of its number, and a sculpture in the Seville sports city with which the video closes.

While Joaquin makes a pizza in which Aitor he does not want much green, for more than obvious reasons, he praises the importance of the healthy rivalry between the Betic and Sevilla fans that, as he reminded him, was made clear in the union of the fans of the two teams in the death of Antonio Puerta, in August 2007.