Emery: ‘We have to go to London to score a goal’

Unai emery, technician of the Villarreal, analyzed the victory by the minimum against the Arsenal (2-1) in the first leg of the semifinals of the Europa League. “After winning 2-0 and having a good first half they pushed and we created chances to score the third goal. With one more we felt capable of giving the last push and the expulsion of Capoue he leveled the game and from there we had to look for the goal but not concede ”, declared the Basque coach after the game.

“It is true that the penalty was not, it has hurt us a lot. It is a very important arbitration error and also having the VAR you can see it. After canceling a penalty in the first half by hand, I did not want to reject another but it was not a penalty, “he said about the controversial action between Trigueros Y Saka which was 2-1.

“We have developed a plan to take the victory and we have achieved it, but it is unfair that it was not due to a greater result, but it is a victory and allows us to give continuity in the second leg,” he valued Emery. “It is true that if you start 0-1 and come back you will go euphoric and they were down 2-0 and with their goal they have options in the second leg. We have to go there to score a goal and play our game, “said the coach.

“The VAR has to notify the referee to go see him because there are many doubts, but it is not a penalty. But now we have to get players back and give continuity to these 90 minutes next week ”, he assured.

“Everything has an influence on the game. The first expulsion, the second, the result you have … We played a very serious game and it is true that before Capoue’s second yellow card we were evaluating taking him out, but he is a player with experience so as not to fall into that situation. In the play he slips but he was too hasty and with them being sent off there was a risk of a yellow card.

“I leave with the feeling that we have played a good game but that certain details that we have had in favor we have not known how to take advantage of them to be more consistent,” he continued Emery. “After the expulsion of Ceballos I wanted to see how we reacted and then see what impulse to give with the changes, but they are situations that occur and that you cannot control in a match, ”said the Basque coach.

“In the second half we wanted to continue what was done in the first but the expulsions and the penalty, which was not, have ended up harming us when it didn’t have to be that way. The mental aspect we will not work to find balance ”, he added.