Emery: ‘We have taken another step, but we must be cautious’

Villarreal coach Unai Emery said after his team’s 1-0 victory over Dinamo in Zagreb that his team had to work hard to prevent their rival from showing off their quality, individual talent and competitiveness.

“We have taken another step, but there are ninety minutes left and we must be cautious. We have to think about how we should face the second leg from minute one in our stadium, “added the coach after the victory on Croatian ground.

Emery pointed out that they must find the mental balance to fight for European places in the League with Betis and Real Sociedad and for the Europa League. “We must stand firm,” he said.

“We must manage the efforts and moments of each player well, being intelligent because the efforts, both mental and physical, so that the team works,” concluded Emery, who stressed that the role of Gerard Moreno is good for the team.