Embarba, a leader in the new Espanyol

To face a challenge for which you are not used, such as the long and hard Second division, he EspanyoHe will have to have references who take responsibility for trying to make the journey through ‘hell’ as short as possible and for the Blue and Whites to be back as soon as possible in First division. One of those leaders trusted by parrot presidents is Adrian Embarba. In full football maturity at 28, he has shown since he arrived in winter from the Vallecano Ray his enormous talent despite the unpleasant circumstances he has experienced with the descent. And that causes the club to make a little effort so that the player is comfortable.

Unlike Leandro Cabrera and Raúl de Tomás, Embarba does not have a release clause in the event of relegation. To make matters worse, yes it would suffer a reduction in his salary and that may make a footballer a little uncomfortable who has the interest of a couple of First Division clubs, one of them from Betis.

For this reason, and also knowing that the player is willing to make a sacrifice by staying to help the team ascend, Espanyol plans not to downgrade him at least the chip he charged in First, without ruling out even a small increase.

It would be the way to have an important quality footballer. It is worth a data that shows that it is someone differential. Despite leaving Rayo in January, the Second Division has finished with him as top assistant. He scored eleven passes with the franjirroja shirt, ahead of David Ferreiro (Huesca), Merquelanz (Mirandés) and Saúl Berjón (Oviedo), all three with nine. Supporting the Espanyol project with his presence would be very important.