Elizabeth II celebrates her saddest birthday

Isabel II This Wednesday, April 21, meets 95 years without her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, the great support in her almost 70 years as head of the British State, but with a family crisis that makes the monarchy reel in the final stretch of her reign.

It is a sad day for the queen after the death, on the 9th at age 99, of the prince philip, the consort who knew how to accommodate the demands of the State since his wife ascended to the throne on February 6, 1952.

Due to the pandemic, the queen remains in the castle (palace and fortress) of Windsor, on the outskirts of London, where the solemn funeral of the duke took place last Saturday.


With the death of the prince Philip, your confidant and advisor, Isabel II she continues alone the last years of his reign, one of the most important and the longest in the history of the United Kingdom.

Respected and admired by her subjects, almost to the point of devotion, the queen is in the transition period of the monarchy, which began a few years ago when she stopped traveling abroad and saw her official commitments reduced due to her advanced age.

Prince Carlos, heir to the throne, and the Duke of Cambridge, second in line of succession, have taken a step forward by representing the sovereign on official visits abroad or in some of her functions on British territory.

According to experts, the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, and the withdrawal of the Duke of Sussex (son of Prince Charles and Diana of Wales) from the monarchy may accelerate the transition, although Isabel II He promised before assuming the throne never to abdicate.