Elena Galera’s ‘land swallow’ in her last Instagram photo: ‘How naughty’

In the world of social networks, you have to be very attentive to what you share. Users of Instagram They end up looking at all the details of the photographs that their idols hang, not only what appears in the foreground, but also what completes the image in the background.

And just that is what has happened to Elena Galera, partner of the Barça captain Sergio Busquets. The Catalan wanted to pay tribute to her son Levi, who turned two years old this September 18. The young woman has done it with a beautiful photograph in which she herself holds the little one with her arms: “My mischievous blonde, my baby who is no longer so baby … 2 years of immense love. We love you my life ”.

What surely you have not noticed Elena at the time of hanging said snapshot is what happened in the background: a couple of dogs give free rein to their love, being captured in the beautiful photograph that the couple from the midfielder has shared. But quickly Marc bartra has alerted him to what was happening: “What a beautiful love story is in the background of the photograph … They are really naughty !!”, wrote in the publication the player of the Betis.

Far from deleting the publication, the owner of the account has replied with some emoticons crying with laughter, making it clear that this remains as an anecdote.

Sergio Busquets and Elena Galera with their children Enzo and Levi.

Elena Galera, partner of Barça captain Sergio Busquets