Elche’s staff shows their outrage and demands solutions

The staff and technical staff of the Elche They have shown their outrage at the situation created by the Fuenlabrada case and have demanded solutions through a statement released by the coach, Pacheta. The illicit club pronounced itself yesterday after knowing the proposal of the RFEF that next year there are 24 teams in Second division and stated that he feels the great disadvantage after qualifying for the promotion playoff waiting for what happens with the Fuenlabrada. In addition, it will present allegations after the Competition Committee will dismiss the match as lost to Fuenlabrada.

“We want to convey our outrage at this embarrassing situation of uncertainty,” begins the note. “We do not know if we have to play the promotion playoff”, they indicate, “since the last meeting of League Twelve days ago, the team has continued training with the utmost professionalism and commitment, without knowing if it will be of any use ”.

“There are very complex contractual situations for players and we want an immediate solution from the authorities,” they argue about the players who end the contract. “We do not understand that after being named playoff team, now we are talking about other totally different solutions,” they point out.

“We want to express our deep discomfort, after having scrupulously complied with the protocol, for being the injured team. It is a situation that we are not going to accept and we are going to defend our interests without entering into any media war, “continues the statement, which closes with the demand that” we be given a quick and fair solution to this outrageous solution. “