Elche suffered the biggest beating in its history against Madrid

The Elche will visit this Saturday (4.15pm / Movistar LaLiga) to Real Madrid, which he has never managed to win at home. In his 23 visits between First division (21) and Cup (2), the balance is 4 draws and 19 defeats, among which the historic beating (11-2) received by the Elche team in its almost centennial history.

That match was held on February 7, 1960. Pepillo (substitute for the absent Di Stéfano) scored five goals, Puskas joined the festival with four goals and Gento Y Sansisteban they marked one per beard. On the franjiverde side, Sansisteban himself scored, with an own goal, and the myth Cesar Rodriguez. Juan García Pérez-Chuecos, the Elche goalkeeper, avoided even greater punishment.

This 11-2 (5-1 at halftime) is Real Madrid’s biggest league triumph in its history. Just a year later another scandalous local victory was given in favor of the meringues: 8-0 (five goals from Puskas, two from Di Stéfano and one from Canario).

After nine consecutive defeats, Elche’s first draw against Real Madrid He arrived in the 1968-69 course (1-1). A duel in which Pirri neutralized the 0-1 of Emilio Rodriguez. Subsequently, the Elche team would manage to equalize again in the 1970-71 seasons (1-1, with goals from the franjiverde Lezcano and the meringue Zunzunegui) and 1975-76 (2-2), when he achieved, through Hannibal Montero Y Ricardo Gonzalez, neutralize two disadvantage goals that he had signed Pirri. The fourth draw in the Madrid fiefdom was in the Cup (1-1), in the 1988/89 season, although the Elche was eliminated after losing in the first leg by 1-2.

The scorer balance Of the 21 league games between the two teams, it is clearly favorable to the Madrid team, which has achieved 81 goals, about four per game, compared to 19 in the franjiverde box.

In their previous stage in First, the franjiverdes clearly lost in their two games in the Santiago Bernabeu. In the 2013/2014 season, he dropped to the knee 3-0. Illarramendi, prior to a clear offside by Benzema, Bale and Isco scored the goals. In the following campaign, the result was 5-1 for the whites. Edu Albacar advanced from a penalty to Elche, but the Real Madrid flipped it with four goals by Cristiano Ronaldo, two penalties, and one Bale.