El Mirandés, the first team to assault the fort of El Molinón

The Mirandés, which came to The
Molinon with ten casualties after the coronavirus outbreak that affected its squad, it became the first team to achieve victory in the field of Sporting, which in this match was dominated for many minutes by the Burgos team and saw their good streak cut short.

The local technician, David gallego, recovered the internationals Manu
Garcia and Uros
Djurdjevic but he continued with the casualties Dragee and Campuzano, who were joined by Pablo perez, which brilliantly made up for the absence of the rojiblanco top scorer in the last two days. He started better and more involved in the game, so much so that after two minutes Aitor Garcia had the first big chance.

Few minutes later Djurdjevic another center of Nacho Mendez in the second arrival with danger from the locals, who from that moment saw how Mirandés little by little took control of the ball and began to dominate clearly.

For many minutes the Burgos team locked up the Sporting in his midfield and tried his luck with distant shots from Javi munoz, gentleman and Ivan Martin, to which he responded well Marine, but his teammates lost the ball very quickly and Mirandés was the owner and lord of the game.

The return after the break was red and white again. The Sporting tried first with Manu Garcia, but the ball went out, and then with a play in which Babin He ended up scoring, but the Mirandés players protested a hand from the rojiblanco center-back. The referee reviewed the action and annulled the target. However, he noted a penalty of Messeguer by a previous hand.

Djurdjevic, the top gunner, took the responsibility of throwing the maximum penalty and his pulse did not tremble. Deceived Lizoain and he advanced to the Asturian team, which again, as is happening this season, showed that he knows how to take advantage of his opportunities very well.

The two coaches moved the bench. Canterano entered Gaspar fields by Aitor Garcia in it Sporting and Ezzarfani by Caballero in the ranks of Mirandés. He had a great chance with his head and shortly thereafter he did not miss with a low shot near the post after a collective play in which Cristo made a great heel pass that left his teammate unmarked to equalize.

The visitor reaction did not stay here and seven minutes later Ivan Martin took advantage of that Marc brave did not see that Marine He had come out to catch a deep ball and confirmed the comeback, a prize for a team that arrived loaded with casualties that stopped the journey of a Sporting victim of their mistakes.

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1 – Sporting: Mariño, Bogdan, Babin, Marc Valiente, Pablo García (Saúl García, m.83), Javi Fuego, Cristian Salvador (Pedro Díaz, m.78), Nacho Méndez (Cumic, m.83), Manu García (Carmona, m.83), Aitor García (Gaspar Campos, m.67) and Djurdjevic.

2 – Mirandés: Lizoain, Víctor Gómez, Messeguer, Pablo Martínez, Letic, Iván Martín, Álex López, Javi Muñoz, Caballero (Ezzarfani, m.67), Jirka and Cristo González (Moreno, m.91).

Goals: 1-0, m.54: Djurdjevic, from a penalty. 1-1, m.74: Ezzarfani. 1-2, m.81: Iván Martín

Referee: Gorostegui Fernández. He expelled the second coach of Mirandés, Pablo Álvarez (m, 78), and showed yellow cards to Messeguer (m.53), Babin (m.73), Bogdan (m. 86), David Gallego (m.87) and Moreno (m.94)

Incidents: Match played at El Molinón behind closed doors